Rabb Se Hai Dua New Episode: Grandma Ammi told everything about Ruhaan, know the promo of the show

Rabb Se Hai Dua New Episode -:

In the new episode, Haider is preparing to leave his house. Meanwhile, Dua brings something for Dadi Ammi which Gulnaz would not want. Dua tells that Noor is keeping Dadi Ammi busy as Gulnaz has ordered her to do so.

Rabb Se Hai Dua New Episode

Ghazal and Gulnaz were shocked by this. Then Dadi Ammi gave complete information about Ruhaan and how he wanted to harm Haider or how he was trying to harm Dua. Ravi has the same opinion about his grandmother Ammi.

Kainaat realizes that he has misbehaved with Dua. Ghazal is worried that Haider will find out that she has pressured Ruhaan to do so.

Dua urges Haider to reconsider leaving, however Haider, even though he trusts Dua, refuses to change his choices for Dua’s safety. Haider said that he does not agree with Dadi Ammi or Dua. As Haider prepares to leave, Dua stops him, and they share a difficult moment.

Ghazal intervenes and hints that Haider and Dua need to stop their courtship properly. She also advises Dua to invite her for a divorce, which brings their story to light. “Rab Se Hai Dua” produced under Pratik Sharma’s Studio LSD.

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