What is Kinemaster and How to Download Kinemaster in 2023?

What is Kinemaster?

The iOS and Android operating systems are both supported by the professional video editing app Kinemaster. You get multiple layers of video, audio, images, text, and effects with this software.

Inside this, you get such a variety of editing tools that every user can create a High-Quality (HQ) video.

With Kinemaster every editor has control over their video especially when it comes to video trimming. The app allows every user to trim them frame by frame, making them very precise in their effects and transitions.

Apart from this, after editing the video in Kinemaster, you can share it on Social Networking Sites like Facebook, Youtube, and Google+ so that it becomes very easy for you to reach your audience.

Benefits of Kinemaster -:

Mobile Video Editor -:

  • Multi-Layered Videos
  • Adjustment Tools
  • Real-Time Recording
  • Social media sharing

Features of Kinemaster -:

  • Multiple Layers
  • Themes
  • Effects
  • Speed control
  • Adjustments
  • Music
  • Overlays
  • Stickers
  • Frame-by-Frame Trimming
  • Instant preview
  • Audio Filters
  • Volume Envelope
  • Animation Styles
  • Transition Effects
  • Real-Time Recording
  • Social media sharing

How much is the price of Kinemaster?

Kinemaster offers Monthly and Annual Plans to each user in addition to Free Trial Pack. Whose price is as follows:

  • Trial -: Free
  • Monthly Subscription -: $4.99
  • Annual Subscription -: $39.99

In both plans, the user can take advantage of all the features and tools of Kinemaster. But if we talk about Trial Plan, then it is free for all.

But this plan comes with very few features and tools and also has many limitations, such as having a watermark in every video.

Technical Info About Kinemaster -:

1). Devices Supported -:

  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Web-based

2). Supported Languages -:

  • English

3). Pricing Model -:

  • Free
  • Monthly Payment
  • Annual subscription

4). Customer Types -:

  • Small Business
  • Large Enterprises
  • Medium business
  • Freelancers

5). Deployment -:

  • Cloud Hosted

How to download Kinemaster?

Friends, if you want, you can install this amazing app by going to Google Play Store. All you have to do is type “Kinemaster” in the Google Play Store Search Bar. After that, this App will appear in front of you and you will be able to install it.

Apart from this, you can also install it by visiting the links given below:

  • For Android Users -:
Google Play StoreDownload
  • For iPhone Users -:
For iPhone UsersDownload

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